Midterm Reviews


In mid-October, the CetraRuddy Housing studio students met with fantastic jury panels, engaging in productive discussions about their initial attempts to create sustainable housing models in the complex urban context of Stapleton. The reviewers who joined the studios of Fabian Llonch and June Williamson included Nancy Ruddy, John Cetra, Theresa Genovese, and Meredith Cocco of CetraRuddy, Tiffany Broyles Yost of ARUP, Albert Figueras of nArchitects, Sagi Golan of the New York City Department of City Planning, Anne Landau of SHoP, and Andrea Steele of Ten Arquitectos, as well as SSA’s own Brad Horn, Julio Salcedo and Loukia Tsafoulia. The reviewers debated with the students their powerful concepts and highlighted that the projects are already provoking many interesting ideas that will nurture what is expected to be a fruitful final presentation.





Students are connecting their analyses and key ideas to the opportunities Staten Island’s Northshore has to offer by asking questions such as: How are people living today? What are their needs? For whom are we designing these dwellings? They are also studying the larger context, which includes the connections to transportation infrastructure, the urban fabric, the connections of open spaces, the desired character of Bay Street and the waterfront, and the natural ecological systems.




Midterms are over and Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means students are in full production mode, translating the feedback given by the jury panels into fascinating housing projects.

David Peraza, CR Studio teaching assistant

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